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Training puppy bulldogs - an active guide

Training puppy bulldogs is not at all an easy job. Cute as they look, these puppies have a high mortality rate at birth and are susceptible to a host of health problems. If you plan to welcome one of them home, make sure that he is not less than 8 weeks of age. Also get him medically checked up by a veterinarian to rule out possibilities of ear and nose diseases.


Bulldogs can be quite hostile and your stint at training puppy bulldogs must start the moment he steps into your home. Get him socialized with other house members or dogs and wait till he is 10 weeks old to ensue active training. Bulldogs are typically stoic and brave in nature and therefore it’s not easy to make them obey your commands when you are trying to train them.


The first phase of training puppy bulldogs must be concentrated on house training, followed by bulldog puppy exercising when he is between 3 to 6 months. Teach him to obey commands to sit down, stand up, lie down or come along during this time. Training this breed of dog can be more demanding and strenuous than other breeds and so you must always be alert and patient in your efforts.


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