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Parasites that cause dog health problems

Skin allergies and rashes are one of the most common dog health problems that are faced by dogs. The major cause for this seems to be bugs, fleas and parasites. Although bugs and fleas usually act on the external surface of the animal’s body, parasites are real creepy creatures which perform ravages both externally and internally and cause the pet enough reasons for discomfort.


If you find that your dog is showing signs of irritation and constantly itching and scratching his body, you can be sure that his body has become a prey to fleas, bugs, mites or lice. While you may feel that it is not so harmful, in actuality it is. If neglected, this can lead to a host of skin infections and conditions which can damage the texture and thickness of his coat. Regular cleaning, shampooing, grooming and brushing can help you to control this to some extent. If severe, consult your vet for suggestions for medicinal washes and anti-tick sprays. Parasites like Tapeworm, Roundworm or Hookworm can however be more serious and cause diseases like anemia, bleeding and infections. De-worming him regularly can alleviate the chances of such problems.


Dog health problems due to parasites are not uncommon and you must be careful to keep your dog protected from this.


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